Women in Tech – For a better future

Technology has become an integral part of every industry today. Without it, not only would these industries not be able to function properly, but their varied existence would also be threatened.

The rate of change and the scale at which it is occurring have never been greater before. Modern technology is not only changing our world, but also the individuals who are adapting to these advancements at an exponential rate year after year.

Technology has always been a male-dominated industry for centuries. Is this the reason why do we still see so few women in positions of power? According to statistical data, only 25% of technical leadership positions are held by women in technology companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook. The outlook may have improved, but there is still much, much room for improvement.

Every individual today lives a “modern life”, from exponentially increasing computer processing power, data storage becoming cheaper and more accessible devices like smartphones storing photos or videos, everything has been made super interactive and smart with technology.

The idea that women don’t want to pursue science and technology is a widely held belief in our society. The domestic chores often associated with women can make very demanding roles difficult for someone who must have spent hours every day looking after not just themselves or their loved ones – they juggle everything from cooking caring for children and families and other household chores.

However, women in tech matter, and their participation is increasingly needed in tech-enabled workplaces –

  • Who said that women could only work in low-profit sectors such as education or health? Women dominate the business world with so-called “femtech” startups. These businesses have great potential and make profit margins that meet most people’s needs, which is why they are expected to grow exponentially over time! With women controlling 60% of the finances and making 80% or more of the purchasing decisions, the number of these female-led startups is growing day by day!
  • The women have a lot of experience in the personal and professional fields. They are natural problem solvers, whether it’s resolving differences with their partners or figuring out the best way to raise children while staying productive at work – women can do it all!
  • Women are a minority in the design world and as such they are often the victims of cyberbullying or fake news. This could be because women have less control over what happens in the conception process. This can be avoided if women had a greater voice in design from day one.
  • Compared to their peers, companies with high gender diversity generated slightly higher returns and outperformed less diverse companies.
  • When women are present in the workplace, it stimulates creativity and variety of thought. Their different perspectives contribute significantly to the problem-solving skills that are essential for successful business units

The future of our country is in the hands of young and old. If we want more women to get involved in science and technology than ever before, now is the time to change! Not only technicians or engineers; there’s room on this planet for any kind person who wants something exceptional, whether it’s engineers coding fancy software or entrepreneurs building valuable, profitable start-ups! We need to merge technology and women, that’s where the future belongs.

(The author is Ms. Neha Rastogi, Founder and COO Agatsa, and the opinions expressed in this article are her own)

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