What are the fastest ways to level up in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3?

Anyone who has purchased a Fortnite Battle Pass before will want to level up as fast as possible. It’s natural to want to reach the top and redeem all the skins and cosmetics the Battle Pass has to offer. Although there is an option for players to skip the grind for the first twenty-five levels, this comes at a steep price.

Epic offers a bundle with the battle pass that allows players to gain twenty-five additional levels (from their current level). If players want to scale a single tier, they can do so for 150 V-bucks. However, not everyone wants to buy their ranks. Although it is always an option, most players prefer to go through the game to reach their desired level.

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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass has the coveted Darth Vader skin at the highest level, and anyone with a battle pass wants to acquire it as soon as possible. With the season just getting started, daily and weekly challenges are limited, and most players have already mined whatever XP they could through the challenges.

Tips to level up fast in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

The game developers recently nerfed the amount of XP for different challenges. This got the Fortnite community up in arms, as players are used to getting better returns for their grind. Despite this fact, players are still trying hard and trying to level up.

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The quintessential trick to leveling up in Fortnite is to grind. Players should focus on completing their daily, weekly, and other challenges for at least a few matches each day. To progress quickly, players must avoid engaging in battle royale and prioritize challenges instead. Once the challenges are complete, players can focus on securing a victory. Another way is for players to team up. When completing challenges as a team, players can get XP through assists from other players.

The second trick to level up quickly is to play “Agent vs Imposters”. A game inside Fortnite, it offers different tasks that can be done by the Imposters. Players are generously rewarded for the tasks they complete and can continue playing the match for as long as they wish. XP will only increase.

The third trick is to play games in creative mode. Fortnite Creative has a slew of community-made games that can help players collect extra XP. One trick is to play matches as a team, so players can spawn instantly and not waste time slipping. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the books. Players should note that Epic has overhauled its XP system and no longer rewards XP to players who are AFK (away from the keyboard).

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The last trick in the book is to exploit glitches. It may seem like an ethical conundrum, but it can be used to exponentially increase XP gains. Since the game is still in development, it’s only natural for issues to arise.

Some players are very opportunistic and are constantly on the lookout for bugs they can exploit to gain XP. Websites like Reddit and YouTube are full of information about glitches in the game. Players should keep in mind that the Fortnite developers are constantly working to remove these glitches, so they can only be exploited for a while. short period.

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