There is no business like a small business: a new strategy

Once upon a time, all the big companies in the world were just small companies. However, sometimes when large corporations are categorized as too big to fail, it is special status when they start to fail their own nations, harming the common good, harming humanity as a whole. That’s when big business was allowed to turn into a Godzilla to trample on governments and institutions and line them up as hostages. Study the rise and fall of the world’s greatest business empires over the past century.

Now show time: There is no business, like small business, because the small business sector is not only a giant business, but also the largest layer of the economy, the largest in-kind contributor to its nation, creating jobs, paying taxes and creating real value creation, while taking all the abuse and bureaucratic nonsense. Therefore, recovery from the pandemic will take no prisoners and harshly trigger economic challenges by mirroring economic development competence and challenging national priorities. Here, no worries, as usual the big company will always take care of itself. Small business will be the only game left in town, something political leaders can hang on to and something local business groups try to claim a success. The definitions of what is big and what is small are both on the table for honest assessment and also juxtaposed in need of a statement on what serves the nation’s economy and what destroys the economies of the nation.

The new mathematics of the post-pandemic world are clearly shaking old mentalities. Unless national economic development leaders, trade groups and trade associations acquire proven entrepreneurial experiences, battlefield expertise and tactical capabilities at the highest level and display a warrior mindset for improvement. their skills in global competitive excellence, they are just a dance party with water guns. Entrepreneurship is the real engine of value creation behind the economy and not an exercise in value manipulation with certain certificates. Any misunderstanding on such matters only creates brilliant cities, surrounded by tent cities. Study the global economic chaos and unemployment that is spreading around the world.

Another crypto-tyranny myth is the illusion of super big tech driving global super growth. The super-magnanimous techs that revere, including Facebook, have vowed to steal the future of future generations, now manipulating data to divide and conquer elections and in the service of Special Agenda groups causing tribalism and social damage. -global economic. Study how the future is regularly stolen by social media.

Change in economic thinking: Why is creating bogus economies so much easier? this is where the zeros are bought, sold and traded as real assets, everything is multiplied, subtracted, divided but nothing adds up, there are never net totals, ever. When the columns stand nowhere, like abstract art on canvas, they glow in the dark for the viewer’s eye. Therefore, cubism-finance and impressionist economies, while on the other hand, the real value-creating economy is one of the most difficult journeys, it is true entrepreneurship wrapped in integrity and a solid day of work to create the common good. The reason is that small and medium-sized businesses have lost faith in their government and large institutions, as they portray the economy as abstract art and print invisible and unlimited money, but SMEs are not being thrown away. jail only if they only photocopy a dollar bill. Covidians demand a new narrative on economic affairs and overall budget totals.

Unless trade groups of nations have come together and thanked profusely for the work accomplished over the past century. Invited to join as new players as it is now a new page for a new era and a new direction for a new digital future. Let meritocracy shape the future of professional groups; let verticals build their own independent global age narratives to build on entrepreneurial mindsets. When a methodical simultaneous sync agenda brings all the key components together under a blueprint, critical thinking and hardcore business experiences should lead. When vertical groups and all upgrading and recycling features interact on combined digital platforms, they will all eventually see the light and, most importantly, learn the future of the global era of digital commerce. Improving the skills of all layers is essential for all to grow together. The requalification to create a production of real value is essential for it to become a sustainable model.

Not having the opportunity to spend another decade on academic feasibility studies, organize a team of warriors to undertake such mobilization developments. These national mandates are often not dependent on new funding, but rather hungry for execution and deployment. Why cut the electricity of the building and climb the skyscraper by the stairs. With the majority of countries locked in an old mindset about digitization, today they simply cannot climb to the top floor, exhausted and breathless as they climb the stairs and are severely stuck on the lower floors. The recovery in the event of a pandemic is tough. Fire the first person who says they need significant new funding, fire the second person who says they are too busy to change. Change is a free gift, but for the right frame of mind.

New trends: The national mobilization of entrepreneurship will progress; small and medium-sized enterprises will thrive because they have no choice but to hone excellence in innovation and to hone in on quality manufacturing of goods and services. Learn from Asia, study Africa, stop reading newspapers but world maps, acquire new mathematics from “people rich nations” and develop collaborative alliances with knowledge rich nations to reach global markets.

New trends in the economy of small and medium-sized enterprises:

The new math: why is it now attracting new entrepreneurs all over the world at a rapid rate? Why are Covidians around the world rejecting high rise buildings, low wages, cubic slavery and transforming themselves into creative freedom, access to the global era and hammocks. Today, a $ 1,000 investment in technology buys digital solutions, which were worth millions of dollars ten years ago. Today, any micro-small-medium business capable of remote working models can save 90% of office and bureaucratic costs and suddenly operate like a mini-multinational with little to no additional costs.

The new enhancements: How struggling economies are now exploring “national mobilization of entrepreneurship on digital platforms of exportability protocols” as alternative revolutionary thinking. Study how Dr Ameenah Gurib-Fakim’s African model spreads and why Western developed economy groups fear such a shift in mindset. Study Expothon on Google.

The new speed: If the agrarian age to the industrial age took millennia, while the industrial age to the computer age took a century, now from the cyberspace age to the paperless age , without cash, without an office and without a job, she almost knocks on the door, all you have to do is open and see. Is it the revenge of the Julian calendar, time like a tsunami drowning us in our own depths of performance, challenging our lifelong learning and exposing our critical thinking forcing us to understand the pace of change, swim or to drown ?

It’s time to study in depth, why forest fires always go out by creating more selected fires; So let the government and bureaucracy stay where they are, while creating a whole new digital firefighting unit centered on the far superior meritocracy to act at the top and deliver the required results. The cost is a fraction of what is routinely wasted 1000 times on lost and missed opportunities.

Time to appreciate, Why is the fear of exposing limited talent the number one fear of adapting digitization, because the digital divide is just a mental divide. Why without digitization there is no economy and why has it taken decades?

It’s time to apply the entrepreneurial spirit, why inciting all front-line managers of all organizations for the economic development of medium-sized enterprises and for attracting foreign investment and export promotion is a time requirement? See the power of entrepreneurship behind the wheel, deploy the national mobilization of midsize economies, accept skills upgrading as a national mandate and digitization as national pride.

Is there authoritative leadership on entrepreneurship present in the boardroom? No need to have chills, because mainly from Asia there are already some 500 million new entrepreneurs up and running, so no need to ask where are they going but rather to ask where your national entrepreneurship is going? Investigate why entrepreneurship is neither academic nor academically focused, why all of the most successful legendary founders who created life-changing organizations were just dropouts?

Is there a new achievement or a return to water gun games? Not to be confused with college courses on fixing the paper mache savings and already broken paperwork trails, chambers have primarily focused on conflict resolution, compliance regulations, and trade groups on tax policy issues. . Mobilizing the economy of small and medium-sized enterprises is a tactical battleground for a company’s progress, as meritocracy is the nightmarish challenge of over 100 countries where the majority of high-potential sectors are at a standstill on such affairs. Surprisingly, such advances are for the most part not hungry for new funding but hungry for mobilization. Observe the trail of silence. Empty shelves are not supply chain issues but symptoms of broken economies. Savings are not cryptopia; they are about the creation of real value by the forces of local small and medium enterprises to create local prosperity. Failure is not having the right frame of mind.

Five things to watch for the year 2022: The US elections will surprise the world as they did the last two times. Global economies have been tested, financially as well as leadership skill levels. Big business will stay big and undisturbed. The Covidien will walk for the truth. The mobilization of small and medium-sized enterprises will continue to grow as a reliable answer to the economy and jobs. This is how humanity will crawl towards critical thinking.

The rest is easy

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