The 6 most hated intersections in Twin Falls Idaho

Driving to Twin Falls is getting more and more strenuous in the back. There are certain intersections that I avoid like the plague because they are just too ridiculous to try to navigate. I swear everyone hates these 6 intersections.

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    5 points at Blue Lakes

    This intersection must be the worst. I had never seen an intersection that has 5 streets come to one point until I moved here and now there are several. The lights here are a bit crappy too, not being able to turn left from Blue Lakes onto Addison is also a bit of a pain, but I understand that. I try to avoid 5 points if I can.

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    5 points in Washington and Addison

    This is a wobbly 5 point intersection. I just want to say that every part of these turns is painful. There are one-way bends, areas where you can’t turn left, weird bends with no bends to go downtown. The whole area is messy if you are not from around it is super confusing.

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    Pole line and blue lakes

    This intersection is just ridiculously crowded. If people aren’t careful, you’ll get stuck at a red light for several rotations. People taking the Pole Line from Blue Lakes will cross 4 lanes of traffic to get to Costco. It is sometimes super saved. Just a pain.

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    Washington and Pole Line

    Again, this intersection is just crowded. People drive either 10 miles above or 10 miles below the speed limit. Pole Line’s left turn arrow on Washington lets go like 2 cars, especially when someone is not paying attention, and this is possibly the busiest red light I have ever seen. Not to mention dangerous.

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    Main Street and Shoshone

    This intersection feels like a free one for all. People turning Main Street from Shoshone are pushing back traffic all the time, people crossing Shoshone to stay on Main Street scare me. You never know when someone is going to just shoot them and go for it. I hate driving around here.

  • 6

    Bridgeview and the Blue Lakes

    I feel like this intersection is just a mess. People forget to turn right at the arrow, people try to cut off traffic, people light the fire, there is just a lot of chaos here.

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