Terra Analytics Reduces Total Cost of Ownership and Gains Continuity with Switching to Huawei Cloud

The Terra Group and Huawei Cloud, create value together.

Data visualization specialist Terra Analytics has reduced its total cost of infrastructure ownership by 30%, while improving system reliability and availability with a migration to the Huawei cloud.

Terra Analytics, a diverse group of companies that focuses on innovation in decision making using space technologies with multidisciplinary capabilities, used to manage its IT infrastructures in local hosting data centers and environments on site. However, due to aging equipment and frequent power outages, it faced increased business continuity risks caused by hardware failures and power outages. The company did not have a monitoring portal and had low resource usage: with a traditional virtualization environment, the CPU usage was less than 15%.

In addition, Terra Analytics’ existing environment did not have the capacity to meet its future expansion needs, nor its need to provide comprehensive disaster recovery and failover services without too much reliance on in-house specialists and customers. ‘a limited and qualified physical infrastructure. The company’s IT engineers are primarily engaged in project delivery and application configuration and optimization, which limits the capacity available for troubleshooting and repairing the IT hardware environment.

Terra Analytics has made the decision to move all of its applications to Huawei Cloud to take advantage of the benefits of cloud technology. Huawei Cloud has assigned a dedicated team to work with the Terra Analytics technical team to understand their legacy IT architecture and jointly design the best cloud solution. After several workshops with the Huawei Cloud team, a reliable, scalable and economical cloud solution was quickly validated via a proof of concept.

Huawei Cloud provides Terra with a reliable, scalable and on-demand environment with backup capability and real-time monitoring console. The solution also provides additional provisions for Elastic Cloud Server and Elastic IP, Cloud Backup and Restore, and Cloud Eye. Via the server migration service (the migration tool) provided by Huawei Cloud, Terra is able to automatically migrate online virtual or physical servers on-premises to the cloud and switch to the cloud in two minutes.

Terra has achieved the ability to easily migrate legacy applications to Huawei Cloud without the traditional hassles of IT setup, storage and network infrastructure, and is able to scale down or scale up as needed.

Its applications now run reliably, saving engineering teams significant time and allowing them to focus on configuring and optimizing applications for existing and new projects.

Importantly, with the help of Huawei Cloud Eye Service, the free and comprehensive monitoring platform on Huawei Cloud, Terra can now track CPU, memory and storage usage – both historically and in real time. , which allows it to optimize utilization and reduce the total cost of ownership by at least 30%.

“As we provide our customers with a software as a service (SaaS) product to enable them to undertake their digital transformation strategies for the various applications of Terra, we believe that Huawei Cloud is a reliable cloud platform of world class to help us succeed. with this in mind, ”said Willy Govender, CEO of Terra Analytics.


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