Owatonna’s Police Officer of the Year named

Here’s a great way to show your support for local law enforcement. Attend the Moonlighter’s Exchange Club ceremony which recognizes Owatonna’s Police Officer of the Year. The winner is Detective Christian Berg.

In a recent edition of the electronic newsletter Just the facts, the Owatonna Police Department (OPD) states: “Christian has been a police officer in our department since June 2011. He was assigned to the Detective Bureau in 2016 where he works as a general investigator. Christian is also assigned to the Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force. “

In addition, “Christian has received numerous informal written recognitions from community members and partner organizations and received two official commendations from the ministry.

The awards ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, September 23 at Owatonna VFW Hall at 135 West Oakdale Street. A social time begins at 6 p.m. with dinner and the program at 6.30 p.m. It’s open to the public. Tickets cost $ 15 and are available from the Law Enforcement Center on Pearl, VFW Club, Exchange club members or by calling 507-456-4596.

The Moonlighter’s Exchange Club brought the award back for a COVID break in 2020.


In other news from Just the facts, the OPD points out that National Child Passenger Safety Week is September 18-24, “this is a great time for parents to take a look in the backseat and check out those seats. ‘auto “.

Go to Just the facts for the facts about child car seat safety.

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