New FourKites offering focuses on improving order lifecycle processes

Chicago-based FourKites, a provider of real-time tracking and visibility solutions across digital transportation modes and platforms, said today it has introduced a new offering that helps deepen order lifecycles.

Called Order Intelligence Hub, the company said the offering provides what it calls “a single view of the entire lifecycle of every order.”

And he explained that the Order Intelligence Hub helps shippers and their supply chain partners in a number of ways, including: eliminating inefficiencies; manage expectations; reduce expenses and increase overall customer satisfaction at every step of the order journey.

FourKites said the Order Intelligence Hub, which was developed in close collaboration with leading consumer packaged goods (CPG) customers and powered by ideas from some of the Consumer Brands Association’s largest companies, identifies the points of common pain and creates a solution that addresses these challenges by breaking down silos between teams and systems, while leveraging the scale of the FourKites network to provide clear visibility into the CPG supply chain ecosystem.

Mathew Elenjickal, CEO of FourKites, provided LM with a detailed overview of the company’s Order Intelligence Hub, which follows below.

LM: What prompted FourKites to introduce this Order Intelligence Hub? How long has it been planned / in progress?

Elenjickal: The Order Intelligence Hub (OIH) was a customer-centric product for us. Our customers and partners have told us that there are key challenges around visibility into the entire lifecycle of an order. They wanted to be more efficient, optimize their planning and manage their inventory, but had silos within the organization and the systems they used. At last year’s FourKites visibility conference, order tracking was the most requested feature by our customers, primarily among our major retail and CPG customers.

We spent a lot of time collaborating with the Consumer Brands Association to really understand the challenges that the biggest retail and CPG brands were facing. As a result, we were able to develop the Order Intelligence Hub solution that would break these silos and solve these challenges.

LM: What are the main advantages of this offer for customers? What does it provide that was previously lacking?

Elenjickal: Many organizations use a number of systems, including order management, yard management, inventory management, TMS, and other third-party solutions. These systems show only one piece of the puzzle. Not only are these systems siled, but stakeholder groups, such as customer service, transportation planning, supply planning, and warehouse planning, are also often siled. With Order Intelligence Hub, we remove the barriers between these systems so that organizations increase inefficiencies, manage exceptions, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. A CPG brand expects $ 4 billion in efficiency and increased revenue by integrating Order Intelligence Hub.

The main advantages for our customers include having a single pane for the entire life cycle of an order; the ability to proactively manage real-time impacts and mitigate these issues; and identify bottlenecks or problem areas, and use a data-driven approach to solve these challenges.

FourKites customers who use our real-time transportation visibility platform and Dynamic Yard® solutions, as well as their TMS or other third-party systems, may see additional benefits from having a single portal for all their actionable data and information. These include additional operational efficiencies, priority orders in the yard and on sites, and exception handling throughout the order lifecycle.

LM: Can you please provide a basic example of how the Order Intelligence Hub works?

Elenjickal: A good example is a common challenge faced by customer service: an installation disruption impacting an outbound order to a customer.

Without OIH, customer service can receive a daily report of all orders that they were unable to fulfill, due to inventory issues, missed appointments, dock capacity, etc. At this point, it is too late to get control back on track. The customer service representative will therefore review this report and reschedule each order, coordinating with planning, transportation, and sites to establish a new delivery date.

With OIH, they are alerted in real time when an appointment is missed or an order is not ready to be picked up, and they can then collaborate in real time with their teams to resolve the exception.

LM: What are the main competitive advantages of this offering from FourKites’ point of view?

Elenjickal: We’re the industry’s first solution for true end-to-end visibility for the entire order lifecycle – it’s a game-changer. We do this by integrating with a number of solutions including OMS and YMS, breaking down silos to converge order management and fleet management solutions into a single, actionable source of truth for operators. retail brands and CPGs.

Plus, we have personalized dashboards for every stakeholder within an organization, providing the data and metrics that matter most to each group.

Finally, FourKites has the largest supply chain visibility network. Over 600 of the world’s most recognized brands – including 18 of GPC’s top 20 food and beverage companies and nine of GPC’s top 10 companies – and 500,000 carriers trust FourKites to transform their businesses and build chains of more agile, efficient and sustainable procurement. The unmatched breadth of FourKites’ data network, which comes from tracking over 2 million daily shipments to over 176 countries, enables us to create the most advanced AI and machine learning solutions on the market, that improve our clients’ bottom line through increased efficiency. , increased customer satisfaction and reduced operating costs.

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