Indra Sistemas SA: invests in The Overview Effect to drive the transition to corporate sustainability

  • It thus completes its value proposition, which presents the market with a unique and distinctive offer covering all of its end-to-end needs in terms of organizations’ transition to sustainable development after having acquired a majority stake in the company specializing in innovation linked to sustainable development.

  • Indra will leverage its digital and technological leadership to create sustainability-based solutions with The Overview Effect to generate a positive impact on the world and add value to its business models.

  • Cristina Ruíz, Managing Director of Indra: “Digitization will play a key role in the transition to a sustainable business model. With this agreement, Indra demonstrates its commitment to complement its technological capabilities with specific and distinctive sustainability capabilities and reaffirms its commitment to intrapreneurship talents and models as part of its corporate culture “

In the global context marked by the 2030 agenda, the European Green Deal and the European Recovery Plan, Indra is committed to the relationship between technology, digitalization and sustainability as a major pillar of the future of companies and institutions.

Indra increased its ability to add value to organizations in aspects related to sustainability by acquiring a controlling stake in The Overview Effect (, a company specializing in innovation to increase the sustainability of businesses by connecting global challenges and business models and strengthening the capacity of organizations to generate systemic solutions to the social and environmental challenges facing our planet.

The Overview Effect, a company founded by Nacho Rivera, expert in sustainable development and its impact on economic models, and Ignacio Cabrera, co-founder of Paradigma Digital, a company of the Indra group, relies on an excellent team of specialized experts in different areas of sustainability at social, environmental and economic levels. The combination of multidisciplinary profiles with experience in the private sector and academia reflects its distinctive value proposition.

The specific and differential capabilities of the Overview Effect related to sustainability complement Indra’s value proposition, which presents the market with a unique and distinctive offering covering all of its end-to-end needs in terms of transitioning to corporate sustainability and institutions, ranging from strategic advice to the creation of prototypes and the development of technologies and products.

Indra will leverage its digital and technological leadership to evolve the strategic and differential projects stemming from The Overview Effect in order to help organizations innovate in terms of sustainable development. These new products and services will enable companies to achieve sustainable growth in their business model, thereby generating shared value, improving their connection with the consumer of tomorrow and strengthening their ability to attract and retain talent.

Instead of being organized into industries, The Overview Effect is a business divided into missions. These missions address various global challenges to be solved on the basis of the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals):

· Social equity: guarantee fundamental rights and equal opportunities for all people, especially those in vulnerable situations.
· Health and well-being: increase life expectancy, improve access to health and promote well-being.
· Economic prosperity: promoting a sustainable economic and investment system that creates opportunities for all to prosper.
· Circular economy: driving a circular economic system that ensures social progress without increasing the consumption of resources.
· Sustainable territories: promote more sustainable territories and cities while guaranteeing territorial cohesion.
· Climate and biodiversity: reduce the negative effects of climate change and protect natural ecosystems and biodiversity.

The Overview Effect links these global challenges to business models of companies in different industries and uses innovation and technology as accelerators. The company has experience in driving processes involving a transition to sustainability in the consumer sector, creating data-driven solutions to drive the energy transition and promoting sustainable financing platforms, among other projects. .

Cristina Ruíz, Managing Director of Indra, declares that “with this transaction, Indra demonstrates its commitment to sustainable development and reaffirms its commitment to talent and intrapreneurship models as part of its corporate culture. We are convinced that digitization will play a key role in the transition to a sustainable business model, and our commitment to The Overview Effect demonstrates our commitment to complement our technological capabilities with specific and differential sustainability capabilities. and environmental challenges. Indra will support them by providing access to customers and by evolving its solutions through technology.

Nacho Rivera, CEO of The Overview Effect, explains: “I firmly believe that the real customer of our company is planet Earth, which is why we divide the company into missions and not into sectors. overcome and promote knowledge and innovation to create solutions that generate social, environmental and economic benefits. He also highlights what he sees as the most important factor in giving a real boost to positive impact: “Sustainability must go beyond long-term plans, with an emphasis on regulatory compliance. and simple risk management and lead projects based on innovation from one and open to transform the business model and generate a positive impact. The issue for companies is not so much to have a long-term plan, it is the execution of projects and the culture of the organization.

About Indra

Indra ( is one of the world’s leading technology and consulting companies and the technology partner for the core businesses of its clients worldwide. It is a global leader in providing proprietary solutions in specific segments of the transport and defense markets, and a leading company in digital transformation and information technology in Spain and Latin America through its subsidiary Minsait . Its business model is based on a complete range of proprietary products with high added value and a strong innovation component. In fiscal year 2020, Indra achieved a turnover of 3.043 billion euros, nearly 48,000 employees, a local presence in 46 countries and business operations in more than 140 countries.

About the overview effect

The purpose of The Overview Effect ( is to provide organizations with the ability to generate solutions to the major challenges of our planet by combining the powers of business, science and technology. The company helps organizations integrate positive impact into the heart of their business models and innovate by launching new products and services designed to solve social and environmental challenges. The name of the company is inspired by the concept that bears the same, namely The Overview Effect. This phenomenon occurs in space, when astronauts observe our planet as a fragile blue dot in the black vastness of the universe. At that point, a cognitive change takes place in their brains that alters their perception of the world and makes them much more aware of the need to take care of our home.


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