Final Fantasy 16 returns with a new trailer and a 2023 release date

A new trailer for Final Fantasy 16 showed off more gameplay from the upcoming RPG and confirmed a summer 2023 release window.

Revealed as part of Sony’s State of Play, the trailer started with characters talking about an impending war, before showing some fighting.

The game also appears to feature large-scale battles, with massive summons battling above the city.

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Producer Naoki Yoshida wrote, “In previous interviews and updates, we haven’t delved into the details of the game system, but I hope with this preview, you all were able to get a better idea of ​​what’s going on. that the actual gameplay will involve…

“Namely, high-octane battles featuring our protagonist Clive Rosfield wielding a full arsenal of attacks unique to the many Eikons (summons) in the game. Not to mention the epic clashes between the Eikons themselves that put you At the heart of the action.

He added, “The team, under the leadership of Hiroshi Takai, has entered the final stage of development and is focused on polishing as it continues its march towards mastery and launch. For my part, I want to personally thank them for all the hard work they put into the project.

“With the power of the PlayStation 5 behind us, we seek to take you on a seamless, story-driven ride that will rival the most thrilling roller coasters. So hang on, the wait is almost over!

Final Fantasy XVI producer Yoshida recently claimed that the game is nearing the end of development. This is after he said last December that the development of Final Fantasy XVI was almost six months behind schedule.

With staff forced to work from home, he said the Covid-19 pandemic had led to unexpected production issues. “This unfortunately hampered communication from the Tokyo office, which in turn led to delays or, in extreme cases, cancellations of asset deliveries from our external partners,” he said. .

“That said, we have spent much of 2021 resolving this issue and hope to see its impact at a minimum by the new year, allowing us to better focus on the tasks at hand: increasing the quality of graphics assets , refining combat mechanics, fleshing out individual battles, putting the finishing touches on cutscenes, and performing overall graphical optimization.

“Our main goal now is to be as active as possible with the game in order to see it fully polished.”

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