Exporters Roundtable Reveals Everyone Is Affected

Congestion at ports continues unabated and supply chain disruption is becoming more complicated, raising significant international economic challenges. “What we are experiencing today is a different kind of bottling, which has an impact on international trade and the entire global supply chain. Everyone is affected, from families sitting at their kitchen tables to CEOs in the boardroom, ”said Michael Ford, president of the Mid-Atlantic District Export Council, during a recent webinar on the Exporters Roundtable which was held on November 18.

The agenda for this special session has been designed to provide critical and timely updates from various perspectives, including key information from the Ministry of Transport on the new bipartisan infrastructure package that will address disruption in the ports and the need for resilience in our supply chain.

Heather Sykes, Director of the Office of Supply Chain, Professional and Business Services at the Department of Commerce, discussed concerns about emerging trends leading to the current severe congestion, such as the surge in containerized imports and the shift to “just in case ‘orders and their implications for the storage and transportation of imported goods from ports to consumers. She also noted the sharp increases in the costs of moving goods to and from the United States.

In addition, five real-world case studies were presented by local manufacturers, brokers and freight forwarders who are directly confronted with these global challenges. They presented a range of topics from pivoting to new shipping options, such as moving to sending small packages by air, to finding solutions to work with shipping companies to reduce rising costs. drastic containers and handle high shipping costs.

These East Coast business owners, along with their West Coast colleagues, shared their recent experiences, but at the same time, were actively seeking reasonable alternatives and effective solutions. Despite the pessimism surrounding obstacles such as rapidly rising costs, inactive drivers and trucks, layoffs, canceled orders, lack of storage space, and poor customer service which can all result from a poor schedule. reliable, some also expressed a positive outlook.

During the webinar, a live survey of attendees highlighted the critical impact of port congestion on them. Here are the results.

Poll Question # 1: Port congestion has had an impact on many businesses. Please select the impact this issue may have had on your business in 2021.


Delayed our ability to export 37%
Canceled some of our export orders 15%
Increase in our costs for our products 40%
Without effect 7%

Poll question # 2: When do you think the congestion problem will be over in 2022?


First / Second quarter 2022 7%
Third quarter 15%
Not before the end of 2022 26%

Poll Question # 3: Can the Private Sector Solve Current Congestion Problems?


Yes 34%
No 34%
Uncertain 31%

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