Eject Elon $ EJECT Coin Seeks To Return Power To The People


Eject Elon is a brand new altcoin launched on June 3, 2021, in a much anticipated and much talked about public sale.

So what is the “Eject Elon” ($ EJECT) coin and why should you care? Eject Elon is a platform and token inspired by the events that shaved $ 1 trillion outside of the crypto market. It has a real use case in the form of a Kickstarter equivalent but for blockchain (or crypto) projects. Read on:

How it started

A tweet from Elon Musk wiped out nearly half a trillion dollars from the global crypto space. China’s declaration to shut down Bitcoin mining wiped out an additional $ 500 billion.

While this was happening, institutions with posh crypto technology immediately ditched crypto, pushing the market to a new low.

In all of this, it was the ordinary investor who really lost money, drawn into these new forms of money by the same big names who then ditched it.

The reason why these pumps and dumps occur so often in the crypto space is that most investors follow the top 0.000001% of influencers in making their investment decisions.

Eject Elon is an ideology that believes in distributing power to the people – a democratic token the developers say “will decide its own fate”.

Their website ejectelon.com says “May the power rest in the hands of the community, not the Elons of the world. We have relied too much on them to decide our fate. No more!!”

Kick Elon Launch Roadmap

There are 2 tours where you can purchase this coin before it opens to the public: a private tour and a presale tour. Their @EjectElonAnnouncements telegram has information on how to reach each of them.

      1. They organize a private sale for the first believers at a reduced price of 50%.
      2. The public presale is where you can always enter early and purchase the coin at a reduced price.
      3. The public sale is launched on Pancake swap for everyone to buy and sell.
  • Development of the EJECT ELON platform:
    1. The platform is called “Eject Elon” and is a Kickstarter clone, but only for “blockchain projects”. The motto for “supporting projects” is their native coin $ EJECT and it is expected to go live in Q4 2021.

$ EJECT Tokenomics

Manual Engraving: 3% of the total token supply will be burned prior to launch, which will increase the price and bring value to all $ EJECT holders.

For each operation:

A 2% fee will be stuck in the cash pool to create more value for holders, support trade and price stability on PancakeSwap, and create enough cash for new buyers to trade the token.

A 2% fee will be distributed to all holders of $ EJECT to grant them additional tokens, reward them for HOLDING and maximize return on investment.

Safety devices:

75% of pre-sale BNB will be added to liquidity and automatically blocked by DxSale for 6 months

Ownership of the Contract token will be relinquished prior to launch

Details of the $ EJECT token:

Token name: EjectElon
Token symbol: $ EJECT
Token contract: https://bscscan.com/address/0x2d43Dfe648Bb8C9c22f9FFcD1937369a9Fdd0eBcTotal supply: $ 100,000,000,000,000 EJECTION

Token distribution

Private sale: 20%
Presale: 40%
Locked in LP 30%
Dx Selling Fee: 0.8%
Foundation: 5%
Premium and airdrop: 1.2%
Telegram shilling campaign: 0.5%
Reddit shilling campaign: 0.25%
Shilling campaign on Twitter: 0.25%
Burn: 3%

The EJECT ELON platform – Equivalent to Kickstarter, but for blockchain projects

They stick to the philosophy of putting power in the hands of the people. Starting from that, Eject Elon will be a crowdfunding platform where ordinary people can support the Crypto projects they believe in, by donating their $ EJECT coins to the project.

As is usually the case with crowdfunding platforms, those that support projects usually get some sort of early discount, and Eject Elon is no different. Contributors to projects on Eject Elon will receive early bird discounts or tokens dropped from the project they support.

Much remains to be seen on how the platform actually works, but with $ EJECT being the currency of the crowdfunding platform, the value of $ EJECT is likely to increase as more and more projects. are published on the platform and that more and more people hold $ EJECT to be able to participate in these promising new projects.

How to become part of EJECT ELON early?

As they say in the meme-coin world, get in early if you want to get the most out of your investment. If you love what Eject Elon stands for and want to be a part of their message and the upcoming platform, find out more on their ejectelon.com website and join their telegram group @EjectElonAnnouncements.

We will be closely monitoring the launch and growth of Eject Elon.

Website: https://www.ejectelon.com/

Telegram: @EjectElonAnnouncements (announcements)

Time will tell how successful this revolution is and if it is truly devoid of concentration of power.


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