David Jones denounces “lack of competent people in some legacy agencies”, talks about data company DP6

The Brandtech You & Mr Jones Group has acquired a controlling stake in DP6, one of Latin America’s leading martech companies, to strengthen its position in the region and move closer to its partner Google at a time when the tech giant is sending waves via adtech. The Drum explains to company founder David Jones how this acquisition gives the group a global advantage.

Brazilian company DP6 was founded by duo Tiago Turini and Leo Naressi in 2007. “The unique advantage of DP6 is that it is the first data company in Brazil,” says David Jones, founder of You & Mr Jones.

It will also offer a wide range of benefits ranging from data measurement to media attribution, martech integration, data science, AI-based marketing analytics and optimization of the market. contents. With the evolution to come towards privacy-centric advertising models – particularly in the halls of Google (see the demise of last-click attribution) – as a key partner of Google and Salesforce, DP6 will help the rest. of the group to develop best practices in digital technology. publicity in the tumultuous years of trial and error to come.

The mission statement of the brandtech company is “to help brands do their marketing better, faster and cheaper by using the latest technology”. Technology consultants are in high demand during times of immense change – in adtech we are seeing it now.

Jones says: “The complexity and challenges – as well as the opportunities – make expert advice increasingly important. Things change so quickly and are affected by different factors in different regions that there is a real need to have experts fully on board.

The space is “heating up” and “skilled talent” is increasingly in demand, and for some of You & Mr Jones’ competitors, at the very least, there are problems ahead. “It’s the same reason Google is concerned about the lack of sufficiently skilled people in some of the traditional businesses that have downsized in recent years. “

DP6 will click 55, the data company acquired in 2016 by You & Mr Jones, and will sit alongside other units such as housing experts Oliver, Gravity Road, Mobkoi, Mofilm, Blood and Collectively, the influencer group acquired last year.

One agency benefits in particular: “This will allow 55 to respond even better to Latin American parties to global calls for tenders, and will allow us to evolve and develop an increasingly important region for the group. “

In addition to this, DP6 integrates customers Carrefour, CNN, BASF, Natura, Nubank, Raia Drogasil and Whirlpool into the martech group. Some of these clients enjoy worldwide fees – a big deal for the group. And they join Adidas, Danone, Facebook, LVMH and Microsoft.

Leo Naressi, co-CEO of DP6, says the new consumer privacy regulatory measures raise two challenges, one is “targeting addressability, retargeting, etc.) and the other is point view of responsibility (measure) “.

The company “embraces … a first-party data strategy” that can leverage customer data management, data science and analytics to develop an offering beyond multi-attribution. touch, media mix modeling, incremental analysis and augmentation.

He adds, “Wherever brands can leverage granular customer data or correlated causal events, DP6 can help assess, infer or measure marketing and media returns to optimize budgets and performance. “

Beyond the advantages of data, there are the advantages of the market. Jones says, “Geographically what sets You & Mr Jones apart is our ability to deliver globally. and brilliant tech companies typically only have a presence in one or two markets. “

He says his company gets the best of both worlds with more than 4,500 employees. Last year, You & Mr Jones achieved organic revenue growth of over 50% and an organic net revenue growth rate of 27.1%. He attributes this to the high demand for his brandtech services which “continually disrupt the marketing industry.”

But now he’s looking for more acquisitions as part of his growth plan. The last was Collectively in August 2020, an influencer marketing agency which it combined with theAmplify to create a global player. It was one of the oldest influencer marketing firms in the United States (now eight years old with an all-female management team).

The influential veterans indeed had an older business than the one that had bought it. Jones, former Global Managing Director of Havas, started You & Mr Jones in 2015. He always puts the pieces in place to build a group better able to compete with the bigger ones. He shares: “Our next focus is e-commerce and digital media in terms of mergers and acquisitions and geographic expansion, in line with this movement. “

A few weeks ago, the group was linked with investment banks over a potential float of US $ 3 billion. Sky News has claimed the listing could arrive as early as the first half of next year, but Jones would not share anything specific about the IPO or PSPC rumors.

Instead, he laid out his goals for next year, concluding, “We are just obsessed with delivering technology-based marketing on a global scale for our customers and creating the new brandtech category. – we have experienced organic growth of over 50% since August and this is due to the tremendous growth of our existing customers, as we help them navigate the increasing complexity that the ever-changing world of technology creates on marketers.

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