COP26 – COP27: a global policy or an entrepreneurial challenge?

Climate affairs are now visible suffering in every nation, battles for each political leadership, while little or no progress in the search for new narratives. Nation by nation, unless national mobilizations of entrepreneurship are unleashed on the “green economy” mandated as the core national economic agenda to create green engines centered on entrepreneurship, what else is on the table today. Political ClimoClysmo or urgently recommended are as follows TEN bold moves.

ONE: Basic Lesson on Economics: The world goes through a needle’s eye; because there are no wars, just trade shows for defense industry sectors and financial restructuring of defense contractors. Real value creation has morphed into value manipulation resulting in crypto-tyranny, where destructive economics versus basic economics prevail. The economy of destruction; when the hands only grasp solid gold hammers, suddenly breaking rusty and bent nails seems to be the most wanted. Basic savings; when the same hands sow seeds, plow ideas to fertilize diverse and tolerant societies, local prosperity emerges. The choice is simple. Nevertheless, capitalism is not failing; it’s “economic development” globally stuck in job seeker mentalities with a visible vacuum of job creator mentality. Study more on Google “Mindset Hypotheses”.

TWO: Think small, focus locally, but create a global vision: Only full stomachs can create a green economy, everything else is an illusion. Therefore, building a basic economy, already hidden in the new micro-thinking; where micro-regionalization and operationalization are achieved with entrepreneurial mobilization. Once these local mandates are executed, public support increases and commercialization begins to create sensible grassroots prosperity supporting the fertilization of the green economy.

THREE: SME thinking: In all developed countries, the export of massive industrial plants abroad, considered a mastery in the name of globalization, has failed. SME thinking, potentially growing towards creating micro-commerce, micro-exports, micro-manufacturing, where grassroots prosperity can become the new standard for success. The new thought is extremely offensive to the old mentality.

FOUR: Understanding liquidity dependence: The already star-studded, triply-covered false economies, like sophisticated cat burglars, quietly glide from the glass skyscrapers into the darkness of night. Addicted to counterfeit cash, the front line intellectualism on real economic development appears almost illiterate. When, as if adding a comic episode, an urgent need to glorify a nuclear strike, reality must show an end for all of us, a final reminder. Human problems are only solved with human solutions. Video game economics and metaverse leadership cannot provide NetZero.

FIVE: Is COP26 – COP27 a “global political climate” or an entrepreneurial challenge?
Historically, entrepreneurship has always manifested itself as a driver of the economy of small and medium-sized enterprises in the world, which makes it by far the largest tax contributor and the largest job-creating sector in the world. However, ignored, abused and pushed around by their own local governments, shunned by banks and big business, they are still the most resilient force to be reckoned with. What is a green economy? Study the entrepreneurial mindset. It’s common sense commercialization, like starting a business to grow without damaging the land it stands on. Categorically, differentiating between real and fake entrepreneurship is key as an often disguised offer on get-rich-quick schemes mislabeled as entrepreneurship.

SIX: Measuring the depth of SME oceans; what is an SME; a small, focused, ever-growing nucleolus of prosperity at the base. Like little microbes, they crawl all over the global landscapes of commerce and corporate growth and create civilization. Notice how the SME economy, born out of raw experimental entrepreneurship, deeply rooted in the job-creating mindset, offers unprecedented growth opportunities to achieve the COP26-COP27 goals. For a long time, there are some 500 million SMEs currently in the world; slowly as they rise, when the global open-tech commonalities provide special wings to potentially become the biggest players in the COP26 – COP27 scene. However, this new futuristic thinking requires futuristic literacy. the “Conference of the Parties” called COP, after 26 global events, the future hidden in the “grassroots prosperity honeycombs” is where local SMEs, region by region, grow, grow and create sustainable prosperity respectful of the environment. Goals of achieving the “global public good” are slowly moving towards NetZero goals and this is what clarifies the abstraction. The green economy is not about new funding or new taxes, it is about entrepreneurship to create new paradigms. Study, electricity, automobiles, mobility, etc.

SEVEN: Mobilization of entrepreneurship & armadas of SMEs: How armies of entrepreneurs can create green economy thinking and how armadas of deployed SMEs can help save the global climate? The facts, all SMEs around the world created solely by entrepreneurs and not by academic experience or classroom manufacturing. Facts, all the powerful corporations in the world were once SMEs, Facts, Job, Disney, Bezos and thousands of other giants all started as SMEs in a sandbox. As if the Coca-Colas of the world were initially just lemonade stands. Unless entrepreneurship is understood, academic chants are not enough and they must remain focused on the sciences and on creating good quality job seeker mindsets, as is already recognized and essential to build the employment organization, created by the entrepreneurial minds of job creators. Together they shine. Understand and differentiate these concepts for smarter progress.

EIGHT: why only ECan entrepreneurship build a strong green economy? Neither politics nor academic bureaucracies provide the speed required to create transformative forces to harness the expectation “ClimoClysmo” scenarios, but developing scales of efficiency with good causes and motivations for the global population based on mobilization, all as by-products of job-creating entrepreneurship. The current whispers of such thinking suffer critically because the lack of entrepreneurship and the lack of entrepreneurial warriors make NetZero a bridge too far.

NINE: National Mobilization of Entrepreneurship: Thorough study is an advantage, political intentions are better in policies, but not in such entrepreneurial executions. Academia remains focused on research, Muppet shows and controlled movie dramas, but dives into the commercialization of the green economy. Extract from the global ocean the desired 500 million or so SMEs in national figures and place them on a mobilization agenda. Mind you, the lingering margin of such talent, so, so teleprompters who now need new narratives about mobilizing entrepreneurship, must declare climate change a common good, but how? Watch, world opinion now in the hands of five billion connected alpha dreamers, who will change the world. Get ready for some 35 major election results by 2022.

TEN: New definitions lead to new narratives: Any intelligent debate about “economics” is a debate about numbers because the School of Economics is all about numbers like “surgery” is about surgery in an operating room not butchering on a shooting film. Therefore, any high-level debate about the “environmental crisis” is a scientific debate, not a lecture about cinematography or winning Oscars. Therefore, building green economies and model cities are strictly entrepreneurial challenges; study the creation of 100 cities over the last 1000 years; built by job-creating entrepreneurial mindsets. Designed and structured by brilliant architects with job seeker mindsets and managed and administered by millions of job seeker mindsets giving cities life, prestige and lasting character. Remember that big companies can’t do this; their moderate obligations to a large number of stakeholders simply prohibit such questions. Observe, hovering at low altitude; circumnavigating the globe through developed countries, the thundering dark clouds of pollution spewing smokestacks destroying neighborhoods, or the multicolored streams flowing through riverbanks creating a colorful tapestry of toxic chemicals destroying waterways and rivers. oceans. The fury of commercialization, the counterfeiting of labels on packaging, the fumes of corruption and the blindness to environmental damage are unforgiving.

The Challenge: Which front team can demonstrate authoritative entrepreneurial skills at the top?

Conclusion: A new world is unfolding day by day, only the shields of change will protect it. Google Expothon and more to find out why it’s garnering global attention. When bold and clear stories allow the rebound of a progressive and collaborative dialogue, COP27: Three key steps, One: Identify some authoritative components on each of the hot topics; entrepreneurship, environmentalism and political vision, juxtaposed with regional issues, open up timelines, costs, benefits and allow entrepreneurship to build on options and create a collaborative atmosphere. Two: Simply, avoid academic elitism, political rhetoric, and tax bureaucracy rather than let commercialization and entrepreneurship lead. Three: Once the first steps are successful, build a national mobilization of entrepreneurship as new thinking and deploy across the country as COP27 solution warriors.

The rest is easy.

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