Combine Zlatan, Kanté and Sergio Ramos

Neymar has revealed that his “perfect player” will be a combination of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, N’Golo Kante and his former Barcelona-era rival: Sergio Ramos.

The Brazilian and Paris Saint-Germain superstar was asked to create an ideal dream player, picking up specific elements from the world’s elite footballers. But first, he had an important question.

“Oh man … the perfect player ?! Should I consider myself or not?” Neymar asked. “I can consider myself, fine.”

That point settled, the 29-year-old has broken down the attributes of his perfect player into nine specific categories, involving nine very different players.

“I am thinking of Cristiano Ronaldo’s physique,” he began. “The elasticity of Ibrahimovic, the head game of Sergio Ramos, the speed of Mbappe.

“Messi’s left leg, my right foot, Lewandowski’s positioning, Kanté’s tackle and Verratti’s midfield creation.”

Lionel Messi’s left foot is always a great response by default, as is Kylian Mbappe’s pace, while Robert Lewandowski certainly has incredible positional instincts inside the box.

However, it is interesting to hear Neymar admire Kante’s skills in winning the ball, Marco Vertatti’s play and to hear him praise the air power of Real Madrid icon Ramos.

Neymar hasn’t just picked the best players now. He was also asked about the next great Brazilian player who will shine in Europe and initially went for a 20-year-old Palmeiras midfielder.

“Gabriel Menino,” Neymar replied.

“There is also Caio Jorge from Santos FC, he is very talented. I watched two Libertadores games where he played, he could shine in Europe.

“I also really like Gerson from Flamengo. His stay in Brazil has already passed, he must come to Europe! Gabigol [Gabriel Barbosa] can also do a great job in Europe.

“[There are] so many other players, but these four names are the main Brazilian players today and they should be playing in Europe. “

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