CGG Launches Improved Reservoir Characterization

The French seismic data and technology company CGG has, through its CGG GeoSoftware software, launched version 11.0 of its portfolio of software solutions for reservoir characterization and petrophysical interpretation.

“GeoSoftware 11.0 is a landmark achievement, integrating all of GeoSoftware’s industry-trusted solutions, including Jason, HampsonRussell, PowerLog, RockSI, InsightEarth and VelPro, so they can now work together on a single platform. This advanced integration offers flexible cross functionality. Product workflow to improve the performance of E&P projects and provide a better understanding of reservoir properties, ”CGG said.

CGG said GeoSoftware 11.0 includes enhanced cloud and machine learning capabilities, optimized compute performance, and a superior user experience.

The system runs on Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms.

“The elasticity of the cloud, the ability to expand access to cloud computing resources, allows geoscientists to unleash the full power of cloud computing to explore more scenarios with increased model complexity and generate dozens to hundreds of geostatistical inversion achievements simultaneously, ”CGG said.

According to CGG, Jason’s new cloud-based Multi-Realization capability benefits E&P companies by “dramatically and cost-effectively” reducing project cycle time while geoscientists can use the additional geostatistical simulation data to improve reservoir characterization and risk assessment.

“Version 11.0’s enhanced machine learning capabilities include WellGen, a new HampsonRussell application, which facilitates deep learning workflows linking geological and geophysical interpretations for more accurate estimates of reservoir properties in complex reservoirs. . The improved automation and analysis in PowerLog dramatically reduces log editing time so that petrophysicists can focus on interpretation, ”CGG said.

Advances in computing performance include Jason AVO Inversion which provides multi-threaded QC and sensitivity testing for greater confidence in reservoir characterization. HampsonRussell GPU processing speeds up run time, reduces cycle time and allows geoscientists to work with larger and more detailed models, CGG added.

The company further said that HampsonRussell’s automated multi-well correlation allows for rapid well linking and QC analysis for hundreds of wells, saving time in projects with large data sets. well.

HampsonRussell also improves depth-time domain conversion, velocity modeling, and synthetic depth modeling, enabling the integration of seismic assets with geological and petrophysical depth domains. AVO Fluid Factor interactive plotting adds sophistication and faster interpretation of reservoir properties. Automated parameterization in Jason also enables geoscientists to obtain results faster, while a new intuitive interface and models in AVO Inversion facilitate parameter testing and quality control of results. A new rock physics tool in RockSI allows users to better study the effect of fluid substitution on the elastic properties of the reservoir, ”CGG mentioned.

Kamal al-Yahya, Senior Vice President, GeoSoftware & Smart Data Solutions, said: “GeoSoftware 11.0 is the culmination of five years of intense software development to provide an integrated GeoSoftware platform connecting geophysics, geology and petrophysics for optimal workflows that lead to a greater understanding reservoir. Through our continued investment in technology, we are further leveraging our digitization roadmap which helps elevate subsurface knowledge and increase E&P success for our customers. “

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