Bold moves are in the works as anxiety over the climate crisis grows

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Despite his initial feelings of despair, Mr. Stewart found ways to cope; he does mindfulness exercises and aims to do his best to limit his own carbon footprint.

Ms Woo, frustrated with climate inaction, is stepping up her efforts to raise awareness. She runs @theweirdandwild – an Instagram page where she combines her technical expertise with her creativity to make climate and environmental science more accessible to her 11,900 followers.

However, there is a limit to what individuals can do in their daily lives. “The remaining action must come from systemic change, driven by regulators, governments and businesses,” she says.

It helps that durability has become mainstream. How climate action is implemented will shape the landscape in the future, she believes, especially as businesses and investors place greater emphasis on sustainability.

“Global dialogue on net zero has become the new normal,” says Steve Howard, director of sustainability at investment firm Temasek.

“Combating climate change is a collective responsibility,” he says, adding that partnerships can play to the strengths of each partner and create positive impact greater than the sum of its parts.

Temasek is stepping up its climate action. The investment firm has two goals: to reduce its portfolio’s net carbon emissions to half of 2010 levels by 2030 and to reach net zero by 2050.

“Climate action for Temasek is not just a cost, but also an investment opportunity,” says Howard. “While there may be short-term transition costs in moving to net zero, communities, businesses and governments will reap more sustainable returns over the long term.”

“We are also committed to working with our portfolio companies on their decarbonization journeys for change, rather than giving them away. Divestment simply transfers the carbon problem to someone else, but does nothing to support the necessary transformation.

The investment firm aims to use its capital to catalyze transformative solutions to help pave the way to net zero for a more livable future.

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