Apple Brings Spatial, Lossless Audio, Other Features to Apple Music Users on Android


Apple rolled out Spatial Audio to Music users about a week ago, but, unsurprisingly, Android users were skipped from the initial rollout. If you are using Apple Music on an Android phone, you might be in luck.

The Cupertino-based company just updated the beta version of Apple Music with Spatial Audio, Lossless Audio, automatic crossfading, and a few other new features (via 9to5google). We strongly recommend that those who do not know how Spatial Audio works to read our in-depth article on the feature.

When it comes to Lossless Audio, this specific feature greatly improves the quality of the music you listen to. Also, the automatic crossfade is another improvement included in the update, which shuffles each song into the next for a better experience.

Keep in mind that Spatial Audio is only available on compatible devices. The new features can be found in the settings, under the Audio Quality tab. There are three options to choose from, such as Cellular, Wi-Fi Streaming, and Downloads.

Finally, the latest update brings library search enhancements to make it easier to find music with online search. If you don’t have the beta version of the app, you can sign up to become an Apple Music tester via the Google Play Store.


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