A superstition called the presidency

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Every four years, American politics rages against the supposedly huge difference in leadership offered by the presidential candidates of the two political parties. This is nonsense, as experience has proven over and over again. Even with two supposedly diametrically opposed politicians like Biden and Trump, “nothing,” as Biden so memorably put it, would “fundamentally” “change.” And it is not.

Biden continued the anti-China bluster and did not reverse Trump’s tariffs against Beijing, although in early September he was considering doing so — at least partially. Since he’s waited so long, don’t hold your breath. Biden has even upped the ante when it comes to the war, repeatedly announcing, most recently on September 18 on national television, that the United States would militarily aid Taiwan in a fracas with Beijing. Thus, Biden deliberately undid decades of a one-China policy, which so effectively deployed ambiguity to maintain peace. This policy, rooted in the openness to China of President Richard Nixon and his adviser Henry Kissinger, had a decidedly bipartisan cast for decades. Now there is the cast of the bipartisan war party, with pugnacious cries, taunts, belligerent howls and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle who regularly throw themselves into Taiwan just to stick it to China. It doesn’t matter whether Biden or Trump sit on the throne: the exceptional Empire has set itself on the warpath.

Then things slipped even lower as the White House, following in the happy footsteps of Trump’s sanctions (see, the most egregious, Venezuela), is considering sanctions against China for threatening Taiwan. Even for Biden, that move would be extremely reckless and provocative. And that means something. It is he whose lousy sanctions against Russia have weakened the American economy into recession and crippled the European economy. This is because the West is totally dependent on raw materials and commodities from Russia. If Russia refused to export everything from metals to uranium to fertilizers and wheat to the west, we would face pretty dark times, but perhaps not as bad as Europe faced. winter without Russian energy. Meanwhile, the U.S.’s reliance on the Chinese economy is even greater, as the U.S. economy is deeply tied to its biggest trading partner, which happens to be, you guessed it, China. China! The West as a whole would do well to remember that China is the factory of the world. Can you even begin to imagine how sanctions will boomerang when Biden slaps them against China? Hello? Have you ever heard of inflation? You thought it was bad last summer because of the sanctions against Russia? With the sanctions on China, the price of well, just about anything, will undoubtedly soar into the stratosphere.

So Biden continues Trump’s Sinophobic rampage. Yet normal people thought he wouldn’t. How to explain this prodigiously stupid expectation every four years, which goes against all evidence and all experience, that with a new president, things will change? It must be the human weakness called hope, which springs eternally from that lovely but totally false view of things, from that incurable illusion called optimism. We Americans would be much better served – and probably better motivated to alter reality – with a good dose of pessimism, or even, ta dum! that thing that most Americans consider rat poison, fatalism.

If enough people really believed deeply that this salute by the presidency is as much a sham as it is the hallucination that our nation’s constitution serves us well (with the exception, of course, of the ever-stellar bill of rights), they might finally be motivated to do something about the absolutely alarming state of a nation where over the last four decades $50 trillion has been extracted from 90% of the population and funneled into the bank accounts of a % of the population, making those few people incredibly wealthy. And that ninety percent made it possible with barely a glance! So does the relative silence on the abomination of two decades-long foreign wars that served no purpose other than killing tons of Iraqis and Afghans, and quite a few American soldiers too… and help bankrupt the three countries. Time to wake up! Things are awful and are sure to get worse unless we forget this nonsense about a savior in the White House, or in a bunch of partisan hacks in the Supreme Court huffing and puffing on a hopelessly outdated constitution, written by a group of slave owners, bigots who kill natives and oppress women. Things are going to get worse because there is almost no difference in the appalling policies of this country no matter which party is in power.

Speaking of continuity within the bipartisan war party, remember the Bush-era tax cuts for billionaires followed by the Trump-era ones. These outrageous giveaways to the wealthy prompted Democratic nominees Obama and later Biden to swear loud and clear that their first acts once installed in the White House would be to restore some common sense and fairness to the US tax code. They would reverse those awful Republican tax cuts. Tra la! They did not do it. They were so busy having fun being presidential that they couldn’t bear the thought of offending wealthy donors, even if they had promised to do so. Well, Democrats are definitely saving the rollback of the tax cuts for another day — like the next presidential election.

Speaking of tax cut quackery, how on earth did two GOP presidents get away with money in the pockets of the oligarchs while posing as tribunes of the people, cronies of the average worker ? Well you might ask. I attribute it to the superstition called the presidency which allows transparent liars to bamboozle otherwise normal people of average intelligence into denying the evidence of their senses. Bush and Trump thus aided and abetted the aforementioned heist of nearly $50 trillion, which spanned four decades from the 90% of the population called ordinary people to the top 1%. But Bush was the kind of guy people want to have a beer with, while Trump went wild with all the preposterous rudeness that, of course, appeals to millions of Americans. So they got a free pass for their tax cuts, and Bush for his unprovoked war on Iraq, and countless other crimes, not to mention the general abandonment of wasting the people’s wealth.

And that’s just this century. That doesn’t even touch on the 20th century presidential sleight of hand, which featured the supposedly melodious prose of that forerunner of modern American elites, the so-called “decent” American president, Woodrow Wilson, whose vacuities literature concealed an effort to aid and abet the worst butchery the world had ever seen, namely the First World War. After stoking wild hysteria for America’s unnecessary entry into this blood-soaked monstrosity, Wilson proceeded to lock up virtuous heroes like anti-war socialist Eugene Debs and bequeath the country the obscenity called espionage law.

Another supposedly decent president, this one revered for his American wisdom, was Harry Truman – a killer in sheep’s clothing, who dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, somewhat out of spite and also as a bloody warning to Soviet Union. of what awaited him if he disturbed the United States. The massacre was atrocious and utterly unnecessary, as Truman knew full well that the Japanese were ready to surrender. In fact, he hastened the bombardment by advancing the date before this surrender became public. Thus, two of the so-called great American presidents of the 20th century. They really don’t look much better than ignominious mediocrities, like Nixon, reviled for the war crime of bombarding innocent bystanders called Cambodia and Laos to smithereens and Herbert Hoover, hated for his foolish economic policies that ushered in the Great Depression – two so-called mediocrities that, well, were damn awful.

So now we have Biden, whose pedigree includes Wilson, Truman, and even Eisenhower — not the Eisenhower who lamented the military-industrial complex, because Biden has nothing against that, but the Eisenhower who gave the green light for the assassination of the duly elected president of the Congo, the heroic Patrice Lumumba. Eisenhower. Truman. Wilson. This is Biden’s chilling track record and thus far unleashing the CIA on nuclear-bomb-bristling Russia through the infamy of the Ukrainian proxy war, while refusing to consider a negotiated peace and even allegedly helping to sabotage one in April, thereby condemning thousands of Ukrainians and Russians to death; the threat of outright war with nuclear-armed China; and now bombing Somalia for seemingly no reason, Biden has proven he has what it takes to be a top US president cherished by US elites – no qualms about committing mass murder.

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