10 Best Wheat Flour Substitutes

Oatmeal is another popular substitute for wheat flour. Slightly sweet and nutty, oatmeal does not have as neutral a flavor as white wheat flour, but it can be to your advantage in baking, for example. Okonomi Kitchen. Additionally, oat flour has a softer texture than wheat flour, which can enhance the tenderness of cakes and quick breads (i.e. actually, Food & Wine considers the texture of oatmeal, as well as its absorbency, to be “essential” in gluten-free white and yellow cake recipes.

At the same time, oatmeal is relatively high in protein and fiber, so it can add thickness and chewiness to cookies, and it works especially well as a substitute for wheat flour in recipes that contain eggs, which help add structure and elasticity to baked cookies. goods, by Cookie and Kate. For recipes without eggs, you can add xanthan gum – a quarter of a teaspoon for each cup of flour, per King Arthur cooking. Additionally, you can combine oatmeal with almond flour, which adds moisture and weight, per Okonomi Kitchen.

That said, although the protein content of oat flour is similar to that of bread flour (e.g. VegFAQ), oatmeal is actually not recommended as a substitute for wheat flour on an individual basis in yeast breads, according to Enjoy your meal. For these, you’ll get better results if you only swap out about a quarter of the requested Wheat Flour.

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