A strange term that you regularly come across, but what is meant by this, is it a very small bag of money that you can purchase in Madurodam or does it have a different meaning. By borrowing mini money is meant a mini loan with which you can quickly borrow a small amount of 50 to 800 euros. When paying, you have a choice between 15, 30 or 45 days. It is a popular form of borrowing for people who are short of salary at the end of the month and want to take care of it this way.


Borrow mini money

Borrow mini money

The mini-loan started to rise a few years ago and experienced many problems in the beginning because it was not always transparent what additional costs had to be paid in addition to the regular interest, and costs were also charged that were contrary to the agreements for borrowing money. Now a few years later this is much better and there are no more unexpected surprises with hidden costs and the interest is no more than the legally permitted. If you are now going to borrow mini money, you will immediately get a clear picture of what you have to pay, including interest, before you send the online application. In other words, no more hidden costs that unpleasantly surprise you.


Apply for a mini-loan within 5 minutes

Apply for a mini-loan within 5 minutes

You can go to different providers for borrowing a small amount, the application actually goes quickly online at all and you complete this within 5 minutes. After the application, you will be asked to send some personal documents by email, such as a copy of your proof of identification, a proof of your income which of course also shows your current address. These papers are then checked and upon approval of your application, the amount requested by you will be paid the same day.


Which conditions must I meet

A balance dip there is a problem for everyone and therefore borrowing a small amount for a short period can be a solution, especially if your salary is paid again at the end of the month and you do not expect any problems with paying off. Before you apply, check with yourself what you can miss at the end of the month or after two months, if you take this as a guideline for the amount you are going to borrow, then you will also have no problems when you have to pay off the mini loan. For successful applications you must at least have a net monthly salary of around 900 euros, you must also be at least 18 years old, live in the Netherlands, have a Dutch account number and also have a mobile phone because the entire process is sent by SMS. rounded.


Decide how much you need


As previously written, you can determine the amount you need yourself. In addition, you can also specify when you want to pay back, do this quickly, in 15 days, or would you rather take a little longer and choose the 45-day option. The choice is yours, as long as you can pay off on time, otherwise, you will not be able to go there next time if you need it again. 

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